Wedding Party

Matt Avery


Matt is Kathryn's older brother, married to the matron of honor (Leigh), and father to all three ring bearers. He is also an ordained minister and is currently serving as an associate pastor at Midtown Fellowship 12 South in Nashville, TN.

Leigh Avery

Matron of Honor

Leigh is Kathryn's sister-in-love, matron of honor, and go-to girl during wedding planning. She also happens to be the best boy-mom around!

Hannah Cole

Matron of Honor

Hannah is one of Kathryn's oldest and greatest friends. They met in the church nursery and eventually roomed together at Samford University.

Lauren Labak


Lauren is Kathryn's travel buddy from college. They met at Samford University their freshman year and have been anywhere from New Orleans to Disney World and Hawaii together.

Guinn Boyce


Guinn is Kathryn's friend from elementry school. Guinn walked up to Kathryn on the first day of second grade and stated "Hi, I'm Guinn and I'm gonna be your best friend!" and she was right! They've been friends ever since.

Theresa Geissler


Theresa is Kathryn's labor and delivery coworker and former preceptor at The University of Tennessee Medical Center. The pair is known for their work Christmas cards and stent on the local news.

Abby Frantom


Abby is Spencer's younger sister and Kathryn's soon-to-be sister-in-law! She's currently finishing her Masters in Counseling at East Tennessee State University.

Kess Avery

Ring Bearer

Kess is Kathryn's oldest nephew, at four years old. He loves to ride his bike and perform science experiments.

Hayes Avery

Ring Bearer

Hayes is Kathryn's middle nephew. He is two years old and loves his soon-to-be Uncle Spencer, as well as singing and dancing.

Field Avery

Ring Bearer

Field is currently 4 months old and is Kathryn's yougest nephew. He loves babbling and smiling at his older brothers.

Adam Merook

Best Man

Adam and I met on the soccer field as kids, being coached by Adam's dad while swapping Pokemon cards on the side. It wasn't until high school though that we started running around together (literally). Going through everything and anything there is in high school, college, and beyond, Adam has always helped me see the good in life. He's an incredible brother, probably the coolest uncle, and one of the best engineers to ever come out of the University of Tennessee.

Taylor Dix


One of the best roommates and friends I could ever ask for, Taylor has kept me laughing with our love of random internet videos and our exquisite tastes in movie quotes. Having always been the most caring and loving person that I know, Taylor has served as a missionary and educator for Mission to the World in Bulgaria for the past year and a half.

Kyle Beckner


Apart from being my cousin, Kyle was the first person I ever considered as one of my best friends. Growing up together, no matter what we were doing, Kyle always knew how to make things fun. There always seems to be a story floating around family get-togethers about us playing with fire, slingshots, and other generally dangerous things for kids to handle.

Brian Harris


There's never been a clear way to describe Brian, let alone our relationship. Never have I met someone who has quite gotten my sense of humor or my quirky, hair-brained ideas as much as him. Whatever situation we've found ourselves in, and there's been quite a few, he has always found the humor in it. Brian is a doctoral candidate at Louisiana State University, where he plays with dirt and finds ways of saving it from washing into the ocean. He's one of the smartest and funniest people I have ever had the privilege of calling my friend.

Desmond Pierce


Summarizing Desmond in just a few short lines is nearly impossible. The most positive and uplifting person you will ever meet, Desmond has the rare ability to make you feel better no matter what you're going through. Since our days of getting into trouble in middle school, I've always considered Desmond to be one of my truest friends, someone I could turn to with any problem at anytime and know that he would always know what to say. Besides being one of the best athletes to come out of Tennessee, Desmond is also the head coach of cross-country and track and field at King University.

Thomas Dube


A person who is effortlessly cool and calm in any situation, Thomas has shown me how to take life in stride. From concerts and hikes, to Saturday morning soccer and episodes of Always Sunny in Philadelphia, he has taught me how to strike a balance between working and living. While only having known each other for a short while, since the beginning Thomas has made me feel more like a brother than a friend.
Susan Moyal